The Sheriff's Posse is a horseback riding club formed by L.S. "Slim" Johnston, former Randall County Sheriff in the mid 1960's. Since that time, the Sheriff's Posse has stood ready to assist the Sheriff as a volunteer mounted search and rescue group upon request. We are also a horseback riding club, hosting fun group events throughout the year, including playdays, trail competitions, and trail rides. RCSP has amazing facilities to host our summer events at! We work hard to keep our arena in tip top shape for our members and friends!

The "Posse" is about creating friendships and being a part of the equine community in the Texas Panhandle.
We benefit by making new friends, fostering our young riders, and respecting past traditions.

RCSP Mission Statement
The purpose of this organization shall be:  To foster interest among its members for keeping alive the true tradition of the Old West, a sacred heritage to all Texans. To promote good fellowship, good sportsmanship, good horsemanship, and a greater interest both socially and civically in our community and the Panhandle of Texas. To promote equine safety for horse and rider and humane care and handling of horses. To assist the High Sheriff, upon his request, with any emergency deemed necessary by his office. To conduct Mounted Search and Rescue missions in and around Randall County and the Panhandle of Texas, and, upon request, to work with other Sheriff’s Posse’s and Mounted Search and Rescue Units in Texas and adjoining States.  Although we may on occasion be asked by the Randall County Sheriff’s Office for assistance, we are not law enforcement officers or sheriff’s deputies. In addition, the Randall County Sheriff’s Posse shall provide other community services, including but not limited to:  Working with state and local agencies to evacuate horses and other livestock during high-risk fire season. Participation in Parades and Rodeo Grand Entries.  Providing event parking control and parking security for public events, including those at the Tri-State Fairgrounds. Participation in various local charities and charitable events. We are volunteer men and women and members include both professional and vocational horsemen and women with varying skill levels. This being a civic organization no profit from any activity shall ever accrue to any individual member of the organization in any manner, but shall be used exclusively to further the purposes above mentioned.