Active Member Requirements
1. Must pay appropriate yearly dues no later than the date set forth by the Bord of Directors.
2. Must participate in 8 club activities within the calendar year to be eligible for year-end rewards.
3. Must own a uniform consisting of black hat, white shirt with RCSP patches, boots, blue jeans, red wild rag/bandana, red saddle blanket and red leg wraps are required for your horse if riding in parades.

Associate Members Requirements and Duties
1. Must actively engage in activities of Organization
2. Must own a uniform consisting of black hat, white shirt, patch, boots, blue jeans, red tie, red saddle blanket and red leg wraps if riding in parades.
3. All Associate Members must be the child or ward of an active member
4. Youths between 18 and 21 years of age may remain Associate Members if they are students.
5. Youths under 18 years whose parents are non-members may qualify for Associate Membership by meeting all requirements for active membership, excluding age.  Dues will be 50% of that for Active Members and such Associate Member will automatically be acceptable for Active Membership upon reaching age 18. Until that time, such Associate Member will have no vote in governing the Organization.

Sustaining Members
Persons of good moral character, who do not wish to actively participate in the activities of the Organization but enjoy the social aspects, may become Sustaining Members at 50% of active member dues.  Such member will have no vote, but may participate in any or all activities, excluding organizational governance.